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Our learning programs address interpersonal and professional skill development while maintaining our vision of inspiration and progress through people. The following programs represent our most popular choices. If you have special requirements, please review Custom Learning or Solutions and Services.

  Situational Leadership 2 days
  Situational Leadership® is a proven, effective model that will help you to make conscious decisions about your leadership actions and increase your ability to lead others by applying the most effective leadership style.
  Coaching for Results 1 day
  Develop the skills you need to lead others by learning how to deliver a clear and effective message. Tailor your communication to inspire action and initiate change.
  Adaptive Leadership 1 day
  This one-day program raises a leaders’ awareness of differences among people. It helps participants understand the importance of, and opportunity within, every employee interaction.
  Developing Talent 1 day
  This program is targeted to people leaders who want to learn how to create effective development plans for their direct reports. 
  Employee Engagement 1 day
  One of the distinguishing factors of leading companies is their ability to engage employees at all levels. Employee engagement is critical to the service-profit chain and has a direct impact on the bottom line.
  Resolving Conflict 1 day
  Understand the principles and types of conflict. Explore how and why the conflict resolution process works and develop the skills to facilitate resolution.
  Supervisory Leadership 2-5 days
  This configurable workshop equips both experienced and new leaders with essential supervisory skills while building leadership potential.