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Leaders cause reactions in people. They contribute to the actions, thoughts and emotions the follower experiences. This one-day program helps participants understand the importance of, and capitalize on the opportunity within, every employee interaction. Participants will gain an improved readiness level to conduct discussions with people given an understanding of four common personality types. Through learning and group activities, Adaptive Leadership demonstrates that the outcome of any interaction is within the leader’s control.

Adaptive Leadership raises a leaders’ awareness of differences among people. It teaches leaders how to tailor their approaches based on the an individuals personality styles. By better meeting the needs of each individual, leaders create higher levels of engagement, organizational results and teamwork.

Participants will learn to:

  • Appreciate individuals’ differences and reactions
  • Effectively prepare for conversations with employees
  • Modify leadership behaviour to meet individual needs
  • Clearly express the planned message using context and meaningful examples
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Work better within a team