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Our team has years of practical business experience and education as well as a passion for facilitating success through people.

Pier De Paola
Dr. Pier De Paola is a former Alberta Superintendant of Education. He currently facilitates onsite workshops in Western Canada and Ontario. Since 1976, Pier has partnered with many First Nations across the country on revamping First Nation school programs and conducting program and employee evaluations. Pier has experience directing and negotiating land claims, gas and oil agreeements.
Pier is a well-travelled and ardent historian with a keen interest in diversity, culture and people.
Pier Ragone
Pier Ragone is an excellent communicator and leader with a proven ability to mentor, coach and improve productivity through talent development. With over 15 years in the call centre industry, his leadership experience includes managing multi-faceted operations centres for large financial institutions.
Pier is a Certified Mediator and has a reputation for building successful business strategies and transforming operational systems to engage employees in the business.
Pier is passionate about what he does and has a dynamic, humorous and highly infectious style.